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Wonder Wickets Delayed
I’m sorry to announce this so close to our release date, just as everyone is getting excited about it, but we’re going to have to push Wonder Wickets’ release date back a little.
Full disclosure: we still have to finish Online Versus. Everything else is basically 100% done,
but we poorly estimated how long things would take to finish. Even I expected to get my end done a few weeks earlier.
We’ll be pushing the release date to April 13 (two more weeks) to give us more time to finish Online Versus and make sure it all runs smoothly.

Other News:
It’s been a long time since the campaign, and we’ve been fairly quiet about the specifics of development.
I think it’s about time we became clear where development stands, and how close to completion we are:

(all percentiles are loosely approximate)

General Gameplay:
Level Design: 10%
Core Gameplay Mechanics: 96%
Special Game Modes: 30%
Enemies and Level Assets: 75% 
Power Ups: 99% (only have some small fine-tuning to do!)

There’s been less focus on level development while we make sure all the mechanics are in place and fine-tuned. If ball mechanics change in the slightest, a lot of level updating would be needed, so we’re waiting a while before we bull rush the level-making. It’s actually fairly simple to make levels, so when that time comes, it won’t be too much work.

Versus Modes:
Networking: 65%

Torin has been working on other things alongside getting networking set up, so we haven’t gotten to beta test Online VS yet. Thus, I haven’t focused much on the VS modes in a while. We’ll be getting to those very soon.

Music: 90%
SFX: 95%

Stijn only has about 3 more tracks to finish, and I believe we’re closing the gap on needed SFX for Fat Bard to make. Of course, as soon as all the music is complete, we’ll start making the soundtrack available for backers in the OST tiers.

Beta Demo: 90%
Tutorial: 98%
Editor: 95%
GUI Design / Functions: 97%
Steam Achievements: 30% (finishing this is like, a day or two worth of work)
Player and Orb Skins: 50%
Indiegogo Backer Goods: 30% (putting them together now)
Art Book: 30% (still making and getting artwork together)

Total Game Completion: 80%

Once I get a few more features finished and polished, we plan to launch one more Public Demo, showing off all the updates we’ve made to the design of Wonder Wickets.

OH, and we recently updated Wonder Wickets to Game Maker Studio 2, which has brought significant improvements to the functionality and performance. However, it has set us back a bit, as we’ve had to fix new bugs popping up since the conversion.

So this is a topic we’ve been needing to cover lately. I wanted to wait for the appropriate time, and while Wonder Wickets is in a calmer moment, I think now’s about right.
When I (Nick) started Mydhilde, it was mostly a learning experience, but over time, it grew into a larger, more serious project. I even pulled William in as my co-writer / co-dev and threw down my own funds to launch Rightstick Studios as an official business.

I didn’t realize it until a few months into working on Wonder Wickets, but Mydhilde is a whopping mess, and I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I set myself up to make a game far larger than I could handle, we could never settle on concepts and mechanics, and I threw myself into a never-ending spiral of re-making everything from scratch (I was on the 3rd re-make of just about every system in the game).

The reality is that as much as we treated Mydhilde as a professional project, it was never going to become anything more than a hobbyist project.

That being said, Mydhilde is not dead, but being shelved for a while. When we’re done with Wonder Wickets, Rightstick Studios will be moving away from Game Maker: Studio and starting work on another game title, in a different engine. William and I both want to return to Mydhilde someday, but we want to have more resources and manpower before it comes back to life.

Wow, First off we got to give big thanks to +Tek for a great job at making our new site, So you should go see his work at plustek.top, He is a great musician with a talent for web design. Anyway let's talk about this little feature, we never had the ability to make a post like this.

So we will be using this section to talk about News from Rightstick Studios. It may contain some development news on different games, but we will most likely use this to inform the folks of new projects, what's happening in the Rightstick-o-verse, and anything else we need to share here. However, feel free to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Reddit for up to date info on the current games.

Thanks for reading and we hope to have more soon, William G.

Nick Roger CEO of Rightstick Studios
I'm not usually sure about things, but the first moment I picked up video games, when I first started drawing, and when I first learned how to animate, that's when I was certain what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Drawing, designing, creating, animation, programming, and working with others with the same passions, gives me life and keeps me chugging. I'm an avid fan of positivity, unique ideas, upbeat music, and radically cute things. As CEO of Rightstick Studios, I hope to drive this company with the raw power of creativity and innovation, and create media that our consumers appreciate and hold dear to their hearts.
William J Goodwater II COO of Rightstick Studios
What I do isn't glamorous in the game development world, but I keep us moving forward as a company and a team. I have always had a passion for science, technology, and the way of moving forward. When I Met Nick Roger it was a quick friendship that blossomed into a partnership. brought a set of fresh eyes to Nicks work, sorting out the inconsistencies in the natural world for Nick, bringing together my knowledge of many categories of Science to forge stories and worlds together. Storytelling, Fact Checking, and good old business sense, I push Rightstick forward in my own ways. I never thought I would ever have enough talent for all of this.
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